Danny Demichele’s Secret of Success

2Danny Demichele is well known in the online world of entrepreneurs. He started his first company when he was just twenty years old, eighteen years ago. It was an online nutrition website, and he later sold it. After that, he left the world of e-commerce and started his company, eVisibility, which was listed as the 169th fastest growing company on the 2010 list of Inc Magazine. He sold eVisibility to LSF, which through the purchase, became one of the largest privately owned digital companies in the United States of America.

Danny Demichele Knows That No One Achieves Success Without Setbacks

Danny is no fool. Although he is very successful, and indeed, has built up sizable and profitable internet businesses, he knows that nothing goes easy and that there will always be setbacks and failures, no matter who you are. The secret to success, according to him, is not never failing or everything always going right, but what your attitude towards these setbacks are. You must not give up, and you must plunge on. In the end, your efforts will pay off, and you will achieve success.

Danny’s Own Story

When Danny sold his first e-commerce website, he sold it to a large health conglomerate. Since it was a big stock deal, when the company went down, he went down too. But according to Danny, he did not give up. He learned his lesson, and went ahead and started his own company, eVisibility. He did not even look back, in his own words; he just plunged ahead and never gave up.

Danny’s Secret Success Formula

Danny says that he probably has more failures than successes. However, his secret is that he did not let any roadblock, stumbling block, pot hole, or dead end to get in his way. He had an upbeat attitude, which got him through everything.

How Danny DeMichele can Help you and your Business

2Danny DeMichele knows about starting and selling companies. He knows about having failures and success when it comes to business.

How did Danny start?

He started his first company at the age of 20, which involved nutrition websites. He eventually sold that company to a health conglomerate, which later failed and due to Danny being connected stock wise, he also had a failure.

What companies he still owns?

Staying focused and knowing what he wanted, he started another company called eVisibility and in 2010 it was voted 169th on the fastest growing company scale. Later he again sold a company, but this time it has continued to be a success for all involved. He still owns three of those companies that are listed on his website as,

• incubate Holding, INC
• Elevated internet marketing
• Quiverr

What Danny can do for you and your business?

Danny DeMichele is considered an experienced and knowledgeable at internet marketing, along with being an expert as an entrepreneur and investor. He knows what is involved at starting a business and selling it for the largest profit possible.
Some of things Danny can help with if you are looking to start a business.

• Helping with the decision on what start-up business are the most profitable.
• Will help you figure out the best marketing tools to use for your business.
• Teaching you how to stay on track and keeping the focus needed to run a business.
• Helping understand what is needed to promote your business for selling purposes.

Why your best choice is Danny DeMichele?

If you are unsure where to start when it comes to getting your small business off the ground, Danny DeMichele can help you set those goals and keep the inspirations going to make a start-up business become a successful business.

Who is Danny DeMichele?


There have been many personalities that have left a mark on our minds because of their contributions in their respective fields. That is why we celebrate birthdays of some of the greatest people who have lived among us.

When it comes to the world of internet marketing, we have a name that we must know about. This name is Danny DeMichele. Over the years, with hard work and commitment, Danny has shown us how anything can be made easy. Danny is an entrepreneur who has seen a lot of success over time. The secret behind this success is his command over his subject and his vision that helped him think in the right direction.

Qualities for success

For success, the first thing you need is a failure. It is important to understand that to succeed to you have to learn your lessons and not repeat the mistakes that you made before. Not everyone is lucky enough to make the right decisions on the first day. It takes the experience of the field and a little know-how to learn how things are done. Danny DeMichele is not afraid of telling that it has not always been flowers and rainbows. He started working as soon as he left his teenage and has since then become the owner of a company he might never have thought about.


Danny is the owner of many companies that are providing different online services to many valued clients. These services include internet marketing and brand management.

Who Is Danny DeMichele?

2Yes, who is Danny DeMichele? That is the question. Danny DeMichele is a self-titled internet entrepreneur and investor.

To hear DeMichele tell it, his story doesn’t really begin until almost two decades ago when he was 20 years old. It was then that he began his online career. It was then that he launched what he says was one of the first online nutrition websites.

For undisclosed reasons he sold the nutrition website to what he only identifies online as a sizable “health conglomerate”. The business deal was based on company stock. The huge corporation went bankrupt and in his own words “went bust”.

The silver lining was that he learned a lesson. This would not be the last of DeMichele’s eCommerce endeavors. He founded his own internet company.

He christened it eVisibility. In 2010 Inc Magazine listed his business in at number 169 on their list of “fastest growing companies”. He felt honored.

DeMichele brought in a number of what he considered intelligent, industrious employees. Some of these employees are still working for him. He reports that others have left him to become successes elsewhere. He still tries to keep in touch with them.

He sold his eVisibility company to another company named LSF Network. He appears to have a positive attitude towards his career thus far. He believes that he has learned from both his failures and successes. He also reports that the two decades of experience has exposed him to every possible challenge or problem out there.

He believes that even his less than positive experiences can help his customers save both money and time. He values time and does not waste it. He also offers his e-book, titled Top 10 Tips For Agencies And Customers To Effectively Collaborate, to anyone interested in reading it.